The Rainbow That Saved Me

Hi friend!

I had a little paint left in my tube with this whole color conversation I’ve been having (we’ve been having?) over the last few letters. Let’s be real I could probably talk about color for ever more. But for now, I thought this topic wouldn’t be complete without bringing in the chakras. 

The truth is I get anxious at the thought of revealing my inner freak to you–but it’s probably too late for that anyway. By now you know I’m an artist, I’m into crystals, meditating, and (gasp) energy! Meditation and the chakras are pretty mainstream now, not to mention ancient. And energy is exactly what they’re all about. 

      chakras in the body

Chakras are energy centers located in a line up the body and each spot has a coordinating color and many other attributes–emotions, elements, etc. I first stumbled across a chakra meditation 10 years ago when I was in one of my darkest hours. 

I honestly credit that one meditation I found with lifting me out of my own deep well of funk. I was hiding in my house, alone, and ready for anything that might help me so I surrendered and sat for the full hour long recording sometimes daily. Prior to that I hadn’t been able to sit in stillness with my overactive and negative mind but this gave me something to focus on and made me feel shiny and new. 

What does this have to do with jewelry or gems? Well you often see gems indicated for certain chakra centers based on color or energy–even in my own product descriptions. Tell me it doesn’t feel good to lie with a rose quartz over your heart! I do this often. 

I don’t always use stones in the meditation but sometimes will envision the rich deep blue of a kyanite when it gets to the throat chakra, or an amethyst light pouring into the crown chakra. 

If you’re interested at all to light up the rainbow within you I might suggest a free app called Insight Timer–it has many chakra meditations at varying lengths of time–this is not where I found my hour long version. The longer the better in my opinion–but start small if you need to. I think the app started as a pleasant sounding timer for meditation but now has music and all kinds of things. 

If you try one let me know! It’s a practice I’ve come back to recently….just a quick power up in the morning or whenever I’m feeling the funk. And if something has helped me, I think it’s only fair that I share in case it helps you too. 

Thanks, as always, for being here!

xo Meryl

PS Since going down this rainbow rabbit hole I also came across another color book that piqued my interest–The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St Clair–so I ran to my Libby app and downloaded it to my kindle. In case you ever wanted to know more about heliotrope or gamboge.

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