The brand:

“Jewelry to amplify the magic within.” To behold beauty in something outside of ourselves is simply to see a reflection of the beauty already inside us. The Myth and Stone wearer knows that there is magic in the world and by surrounding herself with beauty, she keeps that magic close to her heart. 

Gems and jewelry have a powerful ability to connect us with meaningful memories, moments,  and intentions. Their pure elemental energies offer inspiration and healing. May they remind us of the magic and mystery of the world around us always.

Myth and Stone jewelry is brought to life via the lost wax casting method, with every piece being carved and finished by hand and each stone thoughtfully chosen. All pieces are created by me, with love, in my New Orleans studio.

About the artist:

Hi, my name is Meryl. I find jewelry making to be a joyful convergence of a lifelong fascination with rocks and gems and an innate desire to create. It’s exciting to work with such beautiful materials that come from the earth. My hope is that the love and inspiration I am able to express while creating can be felt through my work and that this light spreads far and wide. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Myth and Stone!


A note on being green: Myth and Stone uses recycled metals for castings and when possible for other metal findings. I do my best to source ethically mined gems as well–feel free to ask about a specific gem and I’ll disclose any info that I have on it’s origins. I am also conscious when choosing packaging materials to use recycled materials and avoid the use of plastics.