Opal gazing and how to feel better

Hello friend! I’m coming to you in this month of May to talk about something a little different. Actually I had thought of writing this newsletter even before realizing that May is mental health awareness month, so now it’s really fitting the theme. 

While I’m feeling great today, the last couple weeks were rough!!! And I felt the urge to reach out and tell you that if you experience depression (or anxiety) I see you! And I thought that if I could lend a comforting word or a bit of hope then it was important for me to do so. 

Depression for me has been cyclical and ongoing, it always returns and it always eventually leaves. Knowing this is helpful in the worst moments–that it always goes eventually. But there are some things that help me to show this unwelcome visitor out…..

Last week I did this breathwork track three days in a row and I have to say I have never found a quicker or more simple way to feeling good than through breathwork!! I’ll shout it from the rooftops. What I love about breathwork is it doesn’t ask you to sit and stew in dark thoughts (as meditation might) and it doesn’t ask you to believe in anything woo woo or spiritual. It’s just you and your lungs and we can all do this. 

If you’re here in New Orleans Kathleen Currie is amazing and has in person sessions….but there are apps and youtube videos for breathwork too like Insight Timer which is free. I mentioned that one before for meditation. If you haven’t tried it, it gets you out of your head and back into the body and clears away stuck thoughts and emotions.

variety of opals

Some other things that help lift the fog, albeit slowly, are getting creative. I did something new–I took out my watercolors and painted some flowers. Anything to get out of your current stuck state is helpful…..I went for a walk in the park, got some sun on my face, did some stretching. Movement is helpful too, though we resist it when we’re down. 

Sometimes I literally just take out my box of finished jewelry or my boxes of gems and just look at them–they bring me so much joy just to sit with. I realized I talk about wellness a fair amount and it’s because I’m really interested in it and always seeking to feel better, to know better, to do better. And I find the mind and the subconscious fascinating.

If talking about this helps even one other person today then that is worthwhile. Depression is not easy to talk about…we often don’t want to burden our friends and family with it. And it can be hard to see a way out when we are in it. I think it’s important to share when we understand it–to let our friends know that we offer a safe space for them to be honest with their feelings. 

By no means is this advice one size fits all–make sure to get the proper help you need in whatever way feels right to you! Also, maybe just try the breathwork:)) And know that I am a friend who will understand your darkness and not shy away from it. I see you!

Sending love, 


PS I shared opals above because I find opals to be one of the stones that radiate the most joy for me. It’s hard not to smile when I see these little rainbows bouncing in the light, do you agree?

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