Who really needs jewelry?

This is my very first entry on the Myth and Stone blog!

I thought I would start by addressing a potential elephant in the room (I always imagine this elephant is pink, am I mixing up idioms? ). I’m aware that launching a business selling non-essentials at a time when many have lost their jobs and others are barely scraping by might not be ideal. 

 I even debated whether I should launch at all. I wouldn’t want to appear blind to the current events, or even somehow insensitive. 

 But the reality is, I finally had time to work on this dream I've had for so long! I’d already begun building this website and the stay at home mandate nudged me to face some things that I’d been procrastinating. I also thought more about what classifies as an essential item--knowing that I can’t honestly force jewelry into that category.  

 I think we can all agree that art as a whole is a human necessity. Where would we be without our favorite songs, movies, books, paintings?….we see that especially now as musicians are giving free concerts online to entertain us through this tough time, we see people singing from their balconies. And we have time now to catch up on reading and watching shows and videos. We have a collective need for beauty, hope, and inspiration. If sharing my work offers any of those things even to a small audience, then I feel that I’m doing something right. 

 While jewelry doesn’t feed the hungry or save a life, it offers value in other ways. Humanity has been wearing jewelry for thousands of years (it’s addictive to pour through the online collection from the Met gallery, it could keep me entertained for days). We seem to always have had the desire to adorn ourselves, either for religious or mystical purposes, or as a way to carry meaning--a symbol of love or life event. Now that’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! 

 Even if many people don't need jewelry right now, I do! I have a need to create that I can’t seem to kick. Yes, I’ve tried, it seemed easier than going through all this trouble:) But it’s one of those things that keeps coming up that I can’t ignore--jewelry ideas pop into my head as I drift off to sleep. I dream about crystals. I can’t run from it, so here we are! 

 I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the rest of my website, I’m open to feedback...what do you like about the site or the pieces? What could you see working better? What would you like to see more of? I’ve had a fascinating time seeing which pieces people gravitate towards. Feel free to message me and let me know! 

Thanks for being here!


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