Peri-dot or dough?

peridot jewelry currently available                            If you’ve been following along you’ll know I don’t highlight every birthstone...I’m not all that into being assigned a stone! I’ll choose my own thanks! But since we find ourselves in August and peridot just feels special to me somehow, I thought I’d dive in and also share some of my peridot pieces.

You probably know peridot by its distinct limey/grassy green color and that’s because it doesn’t come in any other! It’s one of the only stones that forms in just the one color, blasting out of the earth in fiery volcanic eruptions and raining back down to earth in crystal form. 

Have you heard of the green sand beach in Hawaii? I was lucky enough to go once. It felt like entering an alternate reality, one where my feet squeaked through fine gemmy green powder underfoot. Except this was waking life and the sands are actually olivine, the mineral that makes up peridot.

If you’re looking for crystal healing, you might find it on that beach but an even simpler plan would be to wear a piece! The energy of peridot is often described as joyful and uplifting, having the ability to dissolve shame, self blame, and anger. But I always encourage people to ask themselves how a stone feels to them. If you’re drawn to it, then it might be for you! (if you’re like me you’re drawn to all of them which is why I have boxes of rocks in storage).

I hope peridot’s allure has rubbed off on you at least a little today and that you can see why I’ve made it a part of my work. Are you a fan? I love gems and getting to share about them. If you want to never miss a post from me, you can subscribe to my newsletter. And if you’re a Leo, Happy Birthday! 


P.S. Peridot? What are we even saying, is it French? Well no it apparently comes from the Arabic word “faridat” meaning gem, and when I listened closely on my google translator app….I didn’t hear the ‘t’ pronounced. But hey, say it however you like, there’s no clear consensus. But I’ll be over here in the “dough” camp.


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