Intuitive Treasure Map —x marks the spot

A map would be nice wouldn’t it? For this bumpy road called life–I wouldn’t mind if someone were to point out which were the dead ends, the bridges to something better, the places where we might strike gold. In the last blog post, called Intuitive treasure hunting, I talked about the hidden treasure we have within us and how to go about uncovering it. This is our inner wisdom of course. 

Today I thought I’d help you to create your own roadmap (X marks the spot!) by helping you to navigate all the ways in which your intuition can speak to you. Before we begin, it’s important to point out that trusting that you do indeed have an inner guidance system is the place to start! No one is broken, if you’re human this is available to you. 

X  Meditation is a great one! This can be guided or silent….clearing and quieting the mind allows for the good stuff to shine through.

X  Writing, a personal fave…this can be free flow style (you might be surprised what comes out), or you could follow a path like the Artist’s Way, helpful even if you’re not an artist. Another idea might be to write yourself a letter from your future self–the one who already has it “figured out.” It’s amazing how within us there can be a very confused version of ourselves, and also one that knows we are loved and we will be ok. This is a great way to find that other version of you.

X  Walking or exercising in general….get the energy flowing! Intuition loves to “ping” us when our mind gets a little break and our juices are flowing. 

X  Nature time….forest, beach, anywhere you feel inspired. When I lived near the beach I would regularly bring my problems to melt in the waves and leave feeling equipped to move forward. 

X  The shower!....lots of people report great ideas showing up in the shower where the negative ions bounce around. Could also go stand by a waterfall!

X  Dreamtime….have you ever had a dream that inspired you to take some sort of action in your life? I’ve had two just this month, oddly enough, about finding actual treasure…in one I found a diamond mine, in another silver and gold coins. I’m not sure exactly what they were telling me, but I’ll keep treasure hunting for sure!

X  Media break or alone time… I reported in my last newsletter, sometimes we just need to go offline and be in our own energy—away from the push and pull of other people’s needs and emotions to discern what’s really ours.

X  Identifying the forms they come in….are you more visual? My jewelry designs often come as a flash of a picture in my mind. Sometimes we might “hear” a sentence or a word that seems to come out of nowhere, but it feels inspiring. A feeling! As I shared last time, it can be clear when something just feels right (vs feeling heavy or constricting). A knowing….has there been a time when you just knew your friend was about to call or your team was going to win? These are all the ways we can receive guidance whether walking in the forest or showering. 

After identifying and hopefully excavating (clearing) some of your biggest limiting beliefs it’s time to get really honest. You might find there have been ideas and feelings nudging you in the background of your mind that you’ve been conveniently ignoring. Can you see them now? It’s taken me a long time to trust that I have inner wisdom and that this wisdom is to be trusted! But these are the very first steps on the journey. I hope your own treasure map seems a little clearer after reading and tapping into some of these options. You can probably see that you’ve had a lot of these happen for you already! It’s an absolute joy writing these love letters to you and I hope if you enjoy them, you’ll share them with someone you might think would be interested in my work. Always looking to grow and expand, right along with you.

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