Hello Pyrite, My Old Friend

Myth and Stone Pyrite cluster my first rock                                                                                                                                                This is the one that stole my heart and started the whole thing. My gemstone romance. 

I was 7 years old and loose in the gift shop of the Met in NY and this multi-mirrored pyrite cluster called my name. It came with me to show and tell at school; wasn’t everyone as amazed as I was that this glorious rock came out of the ground looking just like that? Every time I went to a street fair after that I was magnetically drawn to the crystal booth. 

By now I have boxes of rocks and crystals with little room to display them, but they are my prized possessions. Sometimes I unwrap a few to hang around with. My fascination remains! 

So it was only natural that when starting this website I would include pyrite, as a nod to the little rockhound within. 

Pyrite (fools gold) crystals can take many natural forms but the little mirrored cubes really speak to me. They’re just so…..perfect! In feng shui pyrite is used to attract wealth and abundance and in healing they are chosen for their grounding and cheerful energy. I definitely feel the joy radiating off of them. (Maybe that’s what drew me to my first “love” all those years ago:)).

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