Myth and Stone Thalia drop hoop earrings with tourmalines and pearls
Myth and Stone Thalia drop hoop earrings on model(no stone version)
Myth and Stone Thalia drop hoop earring with tourmalines and pearls alternate view

Thalia tourmaline and pearl drop hoop earrings

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Thalia drop hoop earrings symbolize flourishing. Their message is not to sit around waiting for the muse, but to take the first step in curiosity. Write the first word, paint the first brushstroke and allow the rest to come through. What will you create? In order to flourish you must begin. 

The Thalia drop hoop earrings are lightweight, hang from studs, and were hand carved in wax and cast. Also available without stones.

  • Solid recycled sterling silver
  • Pink tourmaline and seed pearls
  • Measure 1 ⅛” wide and 1 ½” long to top of stud
  • In stock and ready to ship