Myth and Stone Mystic Mirror moonstone pendant on hand
Myth and Stone Mystic Mirror moonstone pendant purple hues
Myth and Stone Mystic Mirror moonstone pendant alternate view
Myth and Stone Mystic Mirror Moonstone pendant purple stripe
Myth and Stone Mystic Mirror moonstone pendant with Orfira's key charm

Mystic Mirror moonstone pendant

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She stepped into the dimly lit old palace hall, her eyes just barely able to detect the thousands of mirrors assembled into ornate mosaic patterns that covered the walls and ceilings. Just then the candles were lit, transforming the space into a vast and twinkling starry sky.

While mirrors are capable of opening up portals of space and light in any room, they also have many ritual uses across cultures. Some believe that deities can be evoked by peering into a mirror as a way to infuse oneself with the goddess’ qualities. They have also been used for inner self-reflection and for scrying–or fortune telling.

This Mystic Mirror pendant was set with a rare purple moonstone–the perfect stone for connecting to one’s intuition. (Note: this purple moonstone is from an old mine in India that is no longer producing, making it a rare gem! The next time I create this pendant I’ll probably use a blue moonstone. So if this one speaks to you, know that it’s one of a kind!) 

  • Hand carved and cast in recycled sterling silver
  • Purple moonstone 
  • Measures ¾” long without loop and ½” wide
  • Comes on an 18” silver chain
  • In stock and ready to ship!