Myth and Stone Nocturna Owl peridot necklace
Myth and Stone Nocturna Owl peridot necklace alternate view
Myth and Stone Hand Carved S Clasp

Nocturna Owl peridot necklace

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On her perch high in the live oak’s branches, the owl peered into the darkness. The night, though seemingly serene, carried its own perils. Spirits danced about, whispering with the breeze, curious about the sleeping girl nestled in the tree’s great roots. The owl kept watch, swooping in when needed to shoo away the night’s shadowy visitors.

The Nocturna Owl necklace, with her peridot eyes, offers watchful protection. She’s ready to dispel somber spirits which can sometimes take the form of our own limiting beliefs! This little owl mask was hand carved in wax and cast.

  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Peridot eyes
  • Hand carved clasp
  • Measures 1” across, chain is 18”
  • In stock and ready to ship