Myth and Stone Mythic medallion silver with pink tourmaline
Myth and Stone Mythic medallion with North Star charm
Myth and Stone Mythic medallion on neck
Myth and Stone Mythic and Lotus medallions
Myth and Stone Mythic Medallion in gold

Mythic Medallion

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She climbed the mountain path after a heavy rain, scouring the ground for newly unearthed treasures. The story was often told that this was the site of a once bustling fairy kingdom hundreds of years before. A glimmer of light flashed like a tiny mirror; an ancient coin! Tracing the pattern with her fingers she closed her eyes and imagined all the magical beings that had held it before her. 

The Mythic Medallion was hand carved in wax and cast. Optional North Star or Orfira’s Key charm. (sold separately). Contact for gold pricing.

  • Solid recycled sterling silver, matte finish
  • 2mm pink tourmaline or spinel
  • Measures just under ¾” wide
  • Comes with 18” sterling chain
  • In stock and ready to ship!