Myth and Stone Lyra moonstone pendant petite
Myth and Stone Lyra moonstone lendant altrnate view
Myth and Stone Lyra Moonstone pendants large and petite
Myth and Stone Lyra moonstone pendant on model

Lyra Moonstone pendant "petite"

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She found the softest patch of grass under a giant, ancient oak to rest on for just a moment. Lying back she watched as soft streamers of Spanish moss swayed back and forth in the breeze until her eyes closed. Drifting in and out she heard the faint tune of what must be a flute. Tiny voices sang, but what were they saying? Fluttery tingles brushed past her skin and tugged at her clothes, weaving through the delicate loops in her hair. Unable to move, she quietly sensed them tying something gently about her neck before disappearing as curiously as they came. And then she awoke.

The Lyra pendant is a symbol of a little known, magical realm. Her message is to follow the magic in the every day and to use your imagination to realize the endless possibilities that surround you. Hand carved in wax and cast.

  • Recycled sterling silver
  • 3mm rainbow moonstone
  • Measures 1.25” long
  • 18” sterling silver chain
  • In stock and ready to ship

Also available in gold, message me for pricing.