Myth and Stone Laelia Orchid necklace
Myth and Stone Hand Carved S Clasp

Laelia Orchid necklace

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Her whole life she carried the dream in her heart like a flower bud endlessly waiting to bloom. The dream was carefully wrapped in many layers of fears and beliefs collected along the way until one day she felt a petal begin to push open, and then another; a light peeked through the cracks. The time had come at last, to blossom. 

Orchids are a symbol of strength, blooming in forests whether or not anyone is there to see them. The Laelia Orchid necklace carries the message to blossom from within for the sake of your own heart. This necklace was hand carved in wax and cast.

  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Green tourmaline and rhodolite garnet
  • Hand carved clasp
  • Measures 1.25” wide, 1” high, chain is 18.25” long
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