Myth and Stone Jolise amethyst earrings
Myth and Stone Jolise earrings in amethyst on model
Myth and Stone Jolise amethyst earrings alternate view

Jolise amethyst earrings

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With their delicate, old world charm the Jolise earrings are imbued with the power of vision holding.  We breathe life into our dreams and visions by seeing them first in the mind’s eye and feeling as if they are already here. What are you calling in? 

Amethyst is a great stone for clearing out negativity, heightening intuition, and getting in touch with your spiritual side. Jolise amethyst earrings were hand carved in wax and cast. 

  • Solid recycled sterling silver
  • 5mm American mined amethysts
  • Measure just over 1” long
  • In stock and ready to ship