Myth and Stone Althea opal necklace in gold front view
Myth and Stone Althea opal necklace in gold outisde view
Myth and Stone Althea silver moonstone necklace on model

Althea opal necklace

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She began to collect the stars hanging in the sky one by one, to examine them more closely. Each one presented its own little scene acted out on its own tiny stage playing again and again to eternity and back. She’d found the realm of memories she’d worried had been lost! Nothing is ever really lost, she realized. Every happy memory was alive and woven into the fabric of the universe--available to be recalled again and again. Surrounded by these visions of friends and family, past and present, she felt whole. And she was grateful for them all.


The Althea opal necklace connects you with the bigger picture of the cycles of life. Her message is to find beauty in all seasons and to embrace the change that inevitably comes. Hand carved in wax and cast.

  • Recycled solid 14k gold
  • 4mm Ethiopian opal
  • Measures almost 2” wide
  • Gold filled chain measures almost 20” long
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