Myth and Stone Alida opal bug charm in silver
Myth and Stone Alida opal bug charm on model

Alida opal bug charm

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On humid summer evenings at dusk she’d hurry down the little boardwalk path through the cypress swamp. Through the trees she saw them twinkling--a rainbow of tiny lights that seemed to beckon her arrival. She watched in awe as the glitterbugs swooped and swirled through the heavy air; a magical midsummer soiree. 

The Alida glitterbug charm is a reminder of the lens of magical possibility and childlike wonder through which you once saw the world. It acts as a permission slip to be playful and find joy in the small wonders around you--whether or not there are fireflies to catch. This charm was hand carved in wax and cast. 

  • Solid recycled sterling silver
  • Ethiopian opal
  • Measure ⅜” wide
  • 18” sterling chain
  • In stock and ready to ship


Note: Opal colors may vary from the ones shown. Also available in gold and as matching studs.