Myth and Stone Heliodor Sunbeam necklace
Myth and Stone Heliodor Sunbeam necklace alt view

Heliodor Sunbeam Necklace

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This one of a kind necklace features a natural heliodor crystal, a golden ray of light captured between two silver end caps. Heliodor is related to aquamarine and emerald as the yellow crystal of the beryl family. And if you look really closely, perhaps with a magnifying glass, you can even see some tiny needle-like black crystals (maybe tourmaline) trapped inside. Heliodor is a joyful stone that promotes self confidence and calms the nerves. 

The Heliodor Sunbeam necklace was hand carved and cast in recycled sterling silver. It measures about 1.5” across with an 18” overall length. This necklace is in stock and ready to ship.