Myth and Stone Three Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope
Myth and Stone Three Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope
Myth and Stone Three Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope alternate view
Myth and Stone Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope Collection
Myth and Stone Hand Carved S Clasp
Myth and Stone 3 Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope necklace video

Three Petal Crystal Kaleidoscope necklace

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She’d lie on the little rug by the window in the attic and slowly spin the wheels, watching as rainbow colored flecks of light moved and danced in limitless formations. Time vanished as she gazed into this world of pattern and color, spiraling and repeating endlessly in a room full of mirrors. She loved this infinite palette of possibility! 

Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope- a slight change, and all patterns alter.” Sharon Salzberg

The very nature of life is to change and the more we allow for these shifts and flow with them, and let go of resistance, we can feel free and choose to see the endless possibilities that are available to us all the time. Often things can work out better than we ever expected or hoped. 

This one of a kind necklace features a trinity of stones: sunstone, moonstone, and green tourmaline, with a Montana sapphire set on top. The discs spin to reveal different views of the gems inside! This crystal kaleidoscope is both carved/cast and fabricated out of recycled sterling silver with 24k gold dots detailing the gem disc, measures 5/8" across and is finished with a hand carved clasp and 20” sterling silver chain. This necklace is in stock and ready to ship!